Natural stone is one of the most beautiful ways to finish your home. Stone walls can have the kind of color, texture and contour absent in many other materials. Exterior walls of stone can blend into the countryside, while interior stone walls and fireplaces give atmosphere and character to any house.

You have the option to choose between full veneer or thin veneer real stone. The full veneer stone is anywhere from 3-5 inches thick and is heavier and bulkier than thin veneer. Thin veneer is only about 1 inch thick and can be applied to any wall without having to add support to the wall. Thin veneer gives the same look as full stone and is a great option to full stone.

Energy Efficient Stone and masonry products have more mass for their thickness than other building materials, such as synthetic siding, wood or composite. Greater mass will hold a given degree of heat and also heats up and cools down more slowly. During the varying temperatures of days and nights that we have in the Colorado, stone products will exchange heat more evenly, which in turn keep heating and cooling costs down. Numerous studies have also shone that stone and masonry products also reflect heat more effectively, keeping cool air longer in a building during the summer and exterior heat out.

So whether you're interested in having some stonework done to beautify your home, increase its resale value, or both, we can help! For more information or to schedule a free estimate and design consultation, please contact us today. No job is too big or too small.
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