CMU stands for Concrete Masonry Unit, commonly known as cinder block. CMU walls fall into two major classes, those that are retaining soil (retaining walls.) and those that are freestanding. Both types of walls are secured to a concrete footing (concrete poured into the ground, and reinforced with metal rebar, to which the block will be tied.) Then the block is built up in courses over the footing, and finally, the cells of the block are filled with grout.

Freestanding walls, such as property line walls and decorative garden walls that don't retain any soil are constructed with a more shallow footing, and often utilize thinner rebar than those that retain soil. Once the wall is constructed, it can be finished with any number of decorative treatments, such as brick, stucco, or stone.

So whether you're interested in having some CMU done to beautify your home, increase its resale value, or both, we can help! For more information or to schedule a free estimate and design consultation, please contact us today. No job is too big or too small.
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